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Mello Roos & Special Assessment Districts

SB 165 Annual Report for CFD's

The Local Agency Special Tax Bond and Accountability Act, enacted by Senate Bill 165, is codified in California Government Code Sections 50075 through 50077 and 53410 through 53412. The Act requires:

  • That any local special tax measure subject to voter approval contains a statement indicating the specific singe purpose of the special tax.
  • That the proceeds of the special tax be applied to that purpose.
  • The creation of an account into which the proceeds shall be deposited.
  • An annual report contained specified information concerning the use of the proceeds.

These requirements only apply to local agencies that have imposed special taxes or issued bond measures subject to voter approval after January 1, 2001.

Mello Roos and Special Assessment District

The City of Folsom has partnered with a professional firm to better serve the property owners in the city. Questions regarding your Mello-Roos or special assessment district can be directed to NBS Government Financial Group toll free at 800-676-7516.

Why do I need to call an 800 number instead of the City of Folsom to get answers to questions about my Mello-Roos or special assessment districts?

 The City of Folsom has contracted with NBS Government Finance Group to administer the Mello-Roos and special assessment districts within the city. 800-676-7516 is the toll free number provided by NBS for your convenience in answering your questions. You may also access their website.

Who is NBS Government Finance Group?

NBS assists cities and other public agencies with the administration of real estate-based financing and funding mechanisms and is one of the leading firms in the nation providing that service. California offices are located in Temecula and San Francisco. They have a staff of professionals who stand ready to assist the City of Folsom and its residents with their Mello-Roos and special assessment districts. NBS provides expert answers to all your questions and concerns about the district in which you live. Feel free to call them or visit their website.

What can NBS tell me about my tax bill?

They can provide information on how much you owe for your Mello-Roos or special assessment district this year; how much was paid in previous years; and what the projected amounts are for future years. They know why the district was formed and what improvements or services it provides. They understand how the assessment or special tax was calculated. They can tell you how much your landscape and lighting assessment is, and what district you are in.

What else can NBS tell me?
If you are considering paying off you lien, they can provide you with the payoff amount. If you are delinquent on your property installments, they will tell you how much you owe and what you need to do to become current. They can provide the notice of special tax, as required by law, if you buy or sell property.