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Folsom Parks & Recreation Special Events

Folsom Parks & Recreation hosts numerous special events every year, the majority of which are family-focused and often fitness related. We pride ourselves on producing events that deliver a fun and memorable experience in a well-organized format. Folsom Parks & Recreation special events benefit Folsom residents and the community by reinforcing family bonds, encouraging friendships, and promoting health and wellness. We encourage all residents to get involved, either through participation or as one of our valued corps of volunteers!

Saturday, October 6, 2018
7:45 p.m. start in Folsom's Historic District Plaza

Join us this fall for the 6th annual Folsom Glow -- a non-competitive family fun walk with glowing costumes, music, a Silly String battle zone and selfie stations.

Show your glow! Get creative and add spark to your event experience by dressing up in clothing or a costume that glows, blinks, shines, sparkles and stands out from the crowd. This event is all about the great experience you have with friends and family along the course.

Folsom Glow online registration is open!

We encourage early registration as this event sells out!

Looking for a fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity? 

Join us at Folsom Glow as a volunteer crew member!