Can I get into the facility before my event to decorate?

The rental time that you select must include all time necessary for decoration and clean up.  Access to your  room prior to your scheduled rental time is not permitted.  In addition, the Center will not be opened prior to the rental time for caterers, musicians, decorators or deliveries.  All clean up must be completed, and the room  vacated by the end of the scheduled rental time.

Do I need security at my event?

Private events such as wedding receptions and banquets, which are not open to the general public, do not  require security.  Security may be required if the event is open to the general public and alcohol is being served.

How do I reserve the Folsom Community Center?

Once you have identified a date and other specifics of your event, contact the Community Center Staff to  request a rental agreement.  Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.  In order for an event to be placed on the reservation calendar, the Community Center must receive:

  •  your signed rental agreement
  • a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the total rental fee.  The balance of the rental fee, the catering fee (if applicable) and the insurance fee are due sixty (60) days prior to the event.

Is insurance required for my event?

Insurance is required for all events held at the Community Center.  General liability coverage must be in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence, and include liquor liability if alcohol is being served.  Special event  liability insurance can be purchased through the Community Center office.  Groups providing their own  insurance must include a certificate and a separate endorsement naming the City of Folsom as an additional insured.

Is there a security deposit?

A security deposit is required for all facility rentals.  The deposit amount is collected in the form of a credit card authorization.  Approximately one week before the rental date, your credit card will be authorized for a specific amount depending on which facility you reserve.  The card is not actually charged, but the funds are held until one week after your event.  If an event causes the need for:  a) cleaning procedures which are beyond the scope of normal Community Center maintenance, or b) repairs or replacement due to structural or equipment damage, the security deposit in-part or in-total may be used to pay for these services. The security deposit may also be used in part or in total when c) the renter's event does not meet or exceeds contractual terms (e.g. the event ends one hour later than scheduled.)  If none of the preceding conditions occur, then the hold on  your credit card funds is automatically released. 

What are the clean-up requirements for the Community Center?

1. The renting party is responsible for the following cleaning duties: A.  All tables must be cleared of all items such as table linens, dishes, decorations, etc.  Table linens rented through the Community Center may be left on the tables.

B. All trash must be placed in receptacles provided.  If any trash will not fit in the receptacles, such as boxes or other large items, it must be taken out to the trash dumpsters located behind the building. 

The Community Center will provide additional trash liners if needed.  Boxes must be broken down before being placed in the dumpster.

C. All decorations must be taken down and removed from the Center.

D. The kitchen and bar areas must be thoroughly cleaned and returned to their original level  of cleanliness.  This includes all work areas, ovens, stoves, grills, refrigerators, sinks, and floors.  If  one of the Center’s preferred caterers is selected, they will be responsible for all kitchen  clean up.  If a non-preferred caterer is used, it is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that all  kitchen clean up is completed.  In addition, all food and equipment brought in by the caterer must  be removed prior to leaving the facility.  Supplies needed to clean the kitchen and bar must be  provided by the renting party or caterer with the exception of a mop, broom, and trash can liners.     

2. Sweeping and mopping the Ballroom floor is not the renter’s responsibility and will be done by the Community Center staff.  However, the facility should be relatively free of debris and spills.  If  excess trash, food, or spills are left on the floor, the security deposit may be withheld to cover the cost of the extra clean up.    

3. If the clean up requirements are not completed in a satisfactory manner, the security deposit, or portion thereof will be retained to cover the cost of said clean up, including materials and labor. 

4. Remember:  The rental time must include all the time necessary for decoration and clean up!

What are the policies on alcoholic beverages?

Alcohol may be consumed without a license when there is no monetary exchange for the beverage or when there is no admission fee charged for the event. Events involving exchange of monetary consideration (e.g. cash bar, or purchase of a meal or meal ticket with any form of alcohol being served as a part of the meal) require a license from the State of 
California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).  ABC will issue one-day permits to non- profit groups who wish to sell beer, wine, or distilled spirits.  You must get approval for the permit from the City of Folsom Police Department prior to going to ABC.  ABC will not issue permits to private citizens or groups.  A caterer with a liquor license must serve alcoholic beverages at events held by private citizens or groups when there is monetary exchange. Alcohol permits must be prominently displayed during an event. ABC address: 3321 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA (916) 227-2002. City of Folsom Police:  46 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA  (916) 355-7242.

What if I cancel my Community Center reservation?

Cancellations of confirmed reservations are subject to the following conditions and fees:
     a) in excess of six months in advance of the scheduled date, the city will retain 25% of the total rental fee;
     b) With sixty (60) to one hundred eighty (180) days in advance of the scheduled date, the city will retain 50% of the total rental fee; and
     c) With less than sixty (60) days in advance of the scheduled date, the city will retain 100% of the total  rental fee.

Where and When do I pay the rental fee, catering fee, and insurance fee?

You may visit the Community Center Office in person, or send all checks, rental agreement, and any related correspondence to:    

Folsom Community Center
            52 Natoma Street
            Folsom, CA  95630 

Make all checks payable to the "City Of Folsom". 

All fees are due by 4:00 p.m. on the specified due dates as agreed to in the signed facility rental agreement.  Payment must be in the form of cash, check or credit card.