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Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park


Park Information

Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park is a playground-baseball diamond-soccer field conglomerate conveniently located between a neighborhood and a multifaceted shopping complex. Regularly welcoming the masses—in forms of Little Leaguers, soccer teams, and clusters of friends after school—Briggs Park also caters to the wallflowers. The park’s dreamy oak woodlands and benches along the outskirts provide a quiet retreat for the lovers of solitude. From its secluded tables to its party-sized pavilions, Briggs Park offers something for everyone!



Park Info

125 Manseau Drive
Park Hours: 7am to one hour after sunset
General Info: 916-461-6601



History and Memoir

This park site and its surrounding oak woodlands are named in honor of its former landowner, Folsom native Elvie Perazzo Briggs. Elvie, the daughter of humble pioneer ranchers, was an active member of the city and a selfless public servant in the 1900s.    Read more>>>