Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park

History and Memoir of Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park

This park site and its surrounding oak woodlands are named in honor of its former landowner, Folsom native Elvie Perazzo Briggs. Elvie, the daughter of humble pioneer ranchers, was an active member of the city and a selfless public servant in the 1900s. She enthusiastically participated in the Folsom Chamber of Commerce, the Folsom Historical Society, and the Folsom Fire Department. She supported the local firefighters by providing them hams and turkeys during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons; Elvie also delivered refreshments to the firefighters when she saw smoke and knew they were fighting a fire. 
To no surprise, Elvie was rightfully made Folsom’s honorary fire chief for her dedication.

Elvie’s kind and generous spirit is represented in the Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park. The park’s abundant trees, inviting scenic pathways, and welcoming playgrounds provide a selfless and endless comfort to its visitors.

Dedicated May 5, 2001