Community Policing

The Folsom Police Department's commitment to community policing is evident by its collaborative community partnerships and use of problem solving strategies, including:  

  • Identify residential and commercial areas that have a high level of reported individuals responsible for criminal activity;
  • Identify peak hours in which crimes are occurring and individuals who are repeat offenders;
  • Assist neighborhood organizations in graffiti and refuse eradication;
  • Work with school officials by providing counseling, education and training of children in discouraging drug and alcohol use;
  • Provide liaison with other public organizations: Fire, Street, Garbage, Building Inspection Departments, Code Enforcement, and County Health;
  • Identify hazards that exist in targeted locations and utilize these public resources to correct deficiencies;
  • Conduct targeted enforcement of narcotics violations in known high crime areas utilizing undercover and high-visibility tactics; and
  • Identify known gang members and provide counseling oriented toward redirecting the youth to community activities through the City's Park and Recreation Departments.