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Mounted Unit prepares for Veteran's Day Parade.

The Folsom Police Mounted Unit's mission is to represent the Folsom Police Department as ambassadors of goodwill, build community partnerships, educate youth, and reduce crime by providing high visibility patrol. The Mounted Unit consists of five officers and their mounts. The horses serving the Mounted Unit were donated, surrendered or rescued.

The Mounted Unit participates in numerous community events, such as National Night Out, Folsom Rodeo, Kids Camp, Folsom Live and the Veteran's Day Parade. The Mounted Unit also partners with the Folsom Police K-9 Division to teach a life-science based curriculum in the Folsom Cordova School District.

The unit is also active in basic patrol duties such as retail parking enforcement, focused enforcement on property crimes, outside agency assistance for crowd control and search and rescue operations. Each year, the unit conducts holiday patrol in large retail centers from Thanksgiving through January 1. For the past two years, in those locations where the Mounted Unit was deployed as a preventative measure, there were no crimes reported. 

Funding for the Mounted Unit is shared by the Folsom Police Department, private donations from community stakeholders and members of the Mounted Unit. The unit continually seeks funding to offset maintenance costs incurred to keep the unit active. 

Donations to support the Folsom Police Mounted Patrol are tax-deductible and should be forwarded to the Folsom Police Foundation; a 501(c)(3) organization.

Inquiries about public presentations can be directed to Sergeant Eric Baade, Folsom Police Department Mounted Unit Supervisor.