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Folsom Police Department SWAT Team's primary objective is life-saving.

SWAT Team members are selected through a rigorous selection process that includes evaluation of their job performance, physical fitness, firearm proficiency, and ability to work as a team. Once selected, SWAT Officers receive countless hours of training in specialized tactical areas. Breaching, rappelling, chemical agents and hostage rescue tactics are just a few of those areas.

Folsom’s SWAT Team is equipped with all the equipment common to emergency response teams. Folsom Police Department, Elk Grove Police Department and Citrus Heights Police Department jointly operate an Emergency Response Vehicle. The sharing of this asset promotes collaboration between the three departments and provides a valuable resource for three communities.

Folsom's SWAT Team is used on an as-needed basis and its members have regular duty assignments in other divisions and bureaus. Most often, the SWAT team is utilized to assist with high-risk search warrant entries and in-progress tactical responses.