Citation Sign-Off

If you have been issued a citation for a correctable violation and you have corrected the violation, you may take your citation to any Law Enforcement Agency to get the citation signed off.

Obtaining a Citation Sign-Off

In order to get a citation signed off, you will need the following:

  • The citation you were issued. If you have misplaced your citation, you must go to the agency that issued the citation and obtain a copy.
  • The vehicle that was cited.
  • Proof the violation has been corrected.

If you were issued a citation for VC 16028 Proof of Insurance, the Court will not allow a Law Enforcement agency to sign off the citation.

After the Citation is Signed Off

 Once you have the citation signed off, you will need to do the following:

Note: The instructions below pertain to the Sacramento Superior Court, the Carol Miller Justice Center.  If the court listed at the bottom of the citation is a court other than mentioned, contact the appropriate court for instructions. 

Each corrected violation is $25.  The payment must be submitted to the Carol Miller Justice Center, prior to your court date.  The court date is listed at the bottom of the citation.

You cannot pay a corrected citation online; you must mail it to the court with the payment or go to the court address: Carol Miller Justice Center, 301 Bicentennial Drive, Sacramento, CA 95826. If you have any additional questions, you may contact the Carol Miller Justice Center at 916-875-7800.