November 6, 2018 General Municipal Election Final Results:
At the November 6 election, Sarah Aquino, Mike Kozlowski and Kerri Howell were elected to  four-year terms on the Folsom City Council, joining current City Council members Ernie Sheldon and Roger Gaylord, whose terms end December 2020. 

Ballot Measures Results:
Measure C: City Council Term Limit - Charter Amendment - Approved
Measure D: Amendment to Campaign Contribution Limits - Failed (see link below for campaign contribution limits enacted in 1994)
Measure E: Folsom Community Enhancement and Investment Measure (1/2 percent transaction and use tax (sales tax) for 10 years) - Failed

Interested in viewing campaign financial disclosure information?  City Council members, candidates and committees are required to file campaign financial disclosure statements detailing contributions received and expenditures made. All statements filed are a matter of public record. 

Campaign Contribution Limits (enacted by a vote of the people in 1994)

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