Campaign Financial Disclosure and Statement of Economic Interests Filings


City Council members, candidates and committees are required to file campaign financial disclosure statements detailing contributions received and expenditures made. All statements filed are a matter of public record. 

Need to e-file disclosure documents?
If you are an officeholder, candidate or committee and need to file campaign disclosure documents, please visit the  - eFiling portal

Want to view campaign financial disclosure documents?   View Campaign Financial Disclosure Filings from City Council members, candidates and committees located or campaigning within the City of Folsom. Non-redacted statements are available at the City Clerk’s Department.
    Please Note: Filings going back to January 2017 are available online. For earlier filings, please email the City Clerk's Department.

Interested in learning more about the rules that govern campaign financial disclosure?  Review the Fair Political Practices Commission's Manual No. 2 for Local Candidates and Committees

Campaign Contribution Limits - In 1994, Folsom voters passed Measure V (which became Folsom Municipal Code Chapter 2.48) imposing a $150 limit on contributions to campaigns for city council and restricting campaign loans and credits.

Campaign Financial Disclosure Filing Schedule:
     July 31, 2019 - Semi-Annual Statement covering 01/01/2019 - 06/30/2019
     January 31, 2020 - Semi-Annual Statement covering 07/01/2019 - 12/31/2019


Below is a list of City Officials (commonly referred to as "87200 Filers") who are required by State law to file an FPPC Form 700-Statement of Economic Interests with the City Clerk. Click on any official to view their most-recently filed Statement of Economic Interest.

City Council Members Planning Commissioners City Officials
Sarah Aquino Kevin Duewel Elaine Andersen, City Manager
Roger Gaylord
Andrew Grant Stacey Tamagni, Finance Director
Kerri Howell Jennifer Lane
Steve Wang, City Attorney
Mike Kozlowski
Barbara Leary
Ernie Sheldon Justin Raithel
Eileen Reynolds

Daniel West

Have you received a notice that you need to file your Form 700?
Report of Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket/Pass Distribution

FPPC Form 802 is used by all state and local government agencies to identify persons who receive admission tickets and passes and describes the public purpose for the distribution, according to the agency's ticket policy. Admission to events for individuals who perform ceremonial roles are also reported on this form. Ticket policies are not required for individuals performing ceremonial roles.  Form 802 must be posted within 30 days after the distribution of tickets and shall remain posted for not less than 30 days (Resolution No. 8990 adopted 05/08/2012).