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Tree Facts & Information

Fast Tree Facts
  • 100 trees remove 5 tons of carbon dioxide a year.
  • 100 trees remove 1,000 pounds of pollutants a year, including 400 pounds of ozone and 300 pounds of particulates.
  • 100 mature trees catch about 100,000 gallons of rainwater per year.
  • Strategically placed trees can save up to 30 percent of air conditioning and 10 percent to 25 percent winter heating costs.
  • Large specimen trees can add as much as 10 percent to property values.
  • Consumers spend more time and 12 percent more for goods in tree-lined commercial districts.

Source: U.S. Forest Service Western Center for Urban Forest Research and Education, UC Davis, CA

Downloadable Forms and Information

Master Tree List as of 5/1/20
12.16 Tree Preservation Ordinance
Folsom Street Tree Information Sheet
A Word About Topping Trees
Mistletoe Disease in Folsom
Correcting Young Tree Issues
Benefits of Organic Mulch
Tips for Watering Trees
Clearance Pruning for Right-of-Way
Soil Fertility Testing

Tree Identification Reference Handbook*

Cover and Forward
Table of Contents
Section 1 - Broadleaf Alternate Simple Evergreen
Section 2 - Broadleaf Alternate Simple Deciduous
Section 3 - Broadleaf Alternate Compound Palmate
Section 4 - Broadleaf Alternate Compound Pinnate
Section 5 - Broadleaf Opposite Simple Evergreen
Section 6 - Broadleaf Opposite Simple Deciduous
Section 7 - Broadleaf Opposite Compound Palmate
Section 8 - Broadleaf Opposite Compound Pinnate
Section 9 - Needles
Section 10 - Palm Palmate
Section 11 - Palm Pinnate
Section 12 - Scale
Section 13 - Misc.
Index by Botanical Name
Index by Common Name
Index by Section Number
Tree I.D. Chart
*A printed copy of this book can be purchased at the City of Folsom Senior Center, 48 Natoma Street, during regular business hours. The cost is $30.