Tree Permits and Guidelines

1. Application Submittal:
Tree Removal Permit Applications are submitted to the Community Development Department. The Community Development Department is located on the second floor of City Hall and is open weekdays 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The application document, which can be found on the website or in person at City Hall, includes a detailed list of submittal requirements.

2. Application Completeness:

The City Arborist determines if a Tree Removal Permit Application is complete or incomplete. A complete list of the submittal requirements is provided with the Tree Permit Application.

If the Tree Removal Permit is considered incomplete, the City Arborist will provide the applicant with a written description of the items necessary to deem the application complete.

3. Application Review:

Once the Tree Removal Permit Application is deemed complete, the submittal is reviewed by the City Arborist to determine whether the required findings have been met in accordance with the Folsom Municipal Code (FMC) 12.16 - Tree Preservation Ordinance. Written notice of the application for the Tree Removal Permit will be provided via certified mail to owners of properties located immediately adjacent to the subject property after the complete application has been received by the City. The notice will also be posted to this web page in the table above and will include information on the timing for City decision and the timeline/process for appeals.

4. Application Determination:

Upon review of the Tree Removal Permit Application, the City Arborist will determine if the application meets the findings outlined in FMC 12.16.080. The City Arborist may approve, conditionally approve, or deny the Tree Removal Permit Application. The applicant will be notified in writing (by e-mail or mail) within ten calendar days of the decision regarding the Tree Removal Permit Application.

Once a decision is issued regarding the Tree Removal Permit Application, a notice shall be posted on the City website stating the decision and the right to file an appeal pursuant to FMC 12.06.100 of the municipal code.