Tree Preservation Ordinance Update

Staff Reports and Final Draft of Ordinance and Tree Mitigation Study

Based on comments received on the public review draft of the  Tree Preservation Ordinance Update, City staff has revised the Tree Preservation Ordinance and will b epresenting the final version to City Council for consideration on Tuesday, January 14 (1st reading) and Tuesday, January 28 (2nd reading and adoption) at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers at Folsom City Hall (50 Natoma Street). In addition on January 14, staff will be recommending to Council an increase to the Tree In-Lieu Mitigation Fee charged for the removal of protected trees. If approved, both the new ordinance and fee increase would go into effect on April 1, 2020. The staff reports, ordinance, and fee study are available starting on Thursday, January 9th at the link below: 
(Please click on the agenda packet which will contain the staff reports as well as the Tree Preservation Ordinance and Nexus Study.)

Public Review Draft

The City has prepared a public review draft of the Tree Preservation Ordinance (Chapter 12.16 of the Folsom Municipal Code). The draft will be available for review for 30-days. A separate summary of significant changes to the ordinance is included as well. Comments on the draft ordinance are due Friday, November 15th by 5:00 p.m. and may be submitted to the City at:

City of Folsom
Community Development Department
50 Natoma Street, 2nd Floor
Folsom, CA 95630

If adopted, the new ordinance will replace the current Tree Preservation Ordinance.

New Preservation Ordinance - Public Review Draft (PDF)
Summary of Significant Changes (PDF)

Project Overview

Trees are a treasured asset in Folsom and have widespread value and benefits to our community.  The City’s current Tree Preservation Ordinance is more than 20 years old. Over the years, City staff and stakeholders have identified several issues and challenges with interpreting and implementing the current ordinance.  These include:

  • Lack of clear definitions of regulated activities;
  • How to address proper care and maintenance as well as removal and replacement of required parking lot shading trees and street trees;
  • The proper care and protection of trees on development sites; and
  • A need to incorporate best management practices and standards for tree preservation.

Folsom’s new 2035 General Plan outlines policies for tree preservation, planting of native species, as well as tree planting for shade, community beautification, and to reduce the heat island effect.

The update will address specific gaps, ambiguities and incorporate current best management practices so that the regulations are clear, easy to follow, and help preserve and maintain healthy trees in Folsom.

Project Schedule

The update effort is expected to last approximately 9 months.


Time Period

Project start

April 2019

Community Meeting and Interviews

April 2019

Research and Comparisons

April – June 2019

Ordinance Preparation

June - October 2019

Public Review of Draft Ordinance

October - November 2019

Public Hearings

November - December 2019

Council Action

December 2019



  • January 14, 2020: City Council Public Hearing - Proposed Tree In-Lieu Mitigation Fee Increase
    Time: 6:30 P.M.
    Location: Council Chambers (50 Natoma St.)
  • January 14, 2020: City Council Adoption Hearing - Updated Tree Preservation Ordinance
    Time: 6:30 P.M.
    Location: Council Chambers (50 Natoma St.)
  • October 22, 2019: City Council Presentation

    Time:  6:30 pm
    Location:  Council Chambers (50 Natoma St.)

  • April 25, 2019: Community Workshop
       Time: 6:00 pm
       Location:  RG Smith Room at the Folsom Community Center (52 Natoma St.)

Documents and Resources


For more information about the City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance Update, please contact the City’s Arborist, Aimee Nunez, at (916) 461-6213.