Folsom Plan Area

The City of Folsom Plan Area is Folsom’s newest community. Located on a 3,520-acre area bounded by Highway 50, White Rock Road, Prairie City Road and the El Dorado County line, the community currently includes the neighborhoods Broadstone Estates, Enclave at Folsom Ranch, Folsom Heights, Mangini Ranch, Russell Ranch and White Rock Springs Ranch. Over the years, this area of the city has also been called the Folsom Plan Area Specific Plan (FPASP) and the Development South of 50.

Planned from the ground up over the past decade, the Folsom Plan Area has been designed to reflect the commitment to prudent planning and high standards that are the hallmarks of Folsom today. 



Key Facts

  • Planned as a state-of-the-art model for community building that follows best practices for Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development.
  • Designed to showcase the best of Folsom’s unique lifestyle, including an exceptional natural setting, neighborhoods for a mix of family needs and quality amenities.
  • Reflects the community’s vision in a way that protects the interests of current residents while adding value to the City.
  • Planned to evolve as other Folsom communities have—thoughtful, deliberate and long-term—with ample opportunities for the public to weigh in during the city’s standard community and environmental review process.

Smart Growth 
The Folsom Plan Area will include a mix of homes, businesses, parks and open space all within close proximity to one another and interconnected by a network of tree-lined streets, trails and bikeways. A central feature of the Plan Area is a town center, located at the community’s core, which will feature easy walkability and multiple transportation options. A dedicated transit corridor, Alder Creek Parkway, will run along the majority of the Plan Area alongside Highway 50 and will link to regional light rail, providing future high-speed transit options between the Plan Area and destinations throughout the region. 

Quality of Life
The City of Folsom is known for its high quality of life--safe, well-maintained neighborhoods, recreational opportunities, award-winning schools, quality parks and amenities. Folsom’s Plan Area has been planned to reflect that same vision: 

  • About 11,000 quality homes will serve a diversity of family needs and income levels, including single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, condominiums and live/work studios.
  • The community will include a variety of places for residents to work, including shops and offices, expected to provide up to 8,000 local jobs.
  • The area will have over 130 acres of public parks, including two large community parks and smaller parks accessible to every neighborhood.
  • More than 30 miles of paths and bike trails will wind through the community, connecting residents to shopping, transit, schools, parks, woodlands, the American River Parkway and beyond.
  • Once complete in the next 25 to 30 years, the community will host five new elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school.

Latest News
After more than a decade of planning, development is well under way in the Folsom Plan Area. The first homes were occupied in 2019 and there are no ten neighborhoods under construction. The first elementary school and commercial site are also under construction. You an find the latest quarterly update for the Folsom Plan Area here.

Folsom Plan Area Fact Sheet