Historic District Resources

The City of Folsom values its historic resources and encourages the protection, preservation and enhancement of its heritage and architecturally significant resources.  As such, there are unique policies, plans and regulations established for the City's Historic District that are intended to promote a vibrant and sustainable district that fully reflects Folsom's diverse past.

Historic District Ordinance

The Folsom Municipal Code Chapter 17.52 defines the boundaries of the City's Historic District and establishes standards and regulations for development of property within specific subareas of the  Historic District.   

Historic Residential Primary Area Special Use & Design Standards FMC 17.52.540

Map of Historic District Subareas

Historic District Design and Development Guidelines     

The Historic District Design and Development Guidelines (and Appendices) are intended to provide design professionals, property owners, developers and citizens-at-large with a clear and common understanding of the City's expectations regarding the aesthetics and functionality of development proposed in the City's Historic District.

Historic District Design and Development Guidelines

Appendix A. Historic Resources

Appendix B. Visual Resources

Appendix C. Environmental Resources

Appendix D. Design Criteria

Appendix E. Historic District Circulation Plan

Sutter Street Subarea Sign Requirements & Regulations

The Folsom Municipal Code (FMC 17.52.380) requires that any installation of new signs, as well as significant modifications to existing signs in the Historic District (Sutter Subarea) require prior approval of the Folsom Historic District Commission through the design review process.

Below, you will find excerpts from sections of the Folsom Municipal Code relating specifically to signs in the Sutter Street Subarea, along with excerpts from the City of Folsom Historic District Design & Development Guidelines: Signs in Sutter Street Subarea - FMC Excerpt