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Folsom Recycling FAQ

1. How can I exchange one of my carts for a different size?

The blue garbage and recycling carts come in 65-gallon and 95-gallon sizes. The green waste carts come only in the 95-gallon size. Residents may request service changes up to three times per year. Please call the Solid Waste Division at (916) 355-8367 and a trained Customer Service Representative will coordinate your cart exchange.

2. My cart was missed. What can I do?
Please call the Solid Waste Division at (916) 355-8367. Your cart will be dumped the same or next day.

3. What can I do if one of my carts is full and I need extra service?
For a $15 per cart fee, the City will provide an additional pickup for your garbage, recycling or green waste cart (weekdays only). Please call (916) 355-8367.

4. Who may I call about billing questions?
If you have billing questions, please call the Utilities Billing Department at (916) 355-7295.

5. Download a list of acceptable materialsto place in your recycling, green waste and garbage carts.

6. Do I need to wash my recyclables before I put them in my cart?
It is always a good idea not to leave too much food residue on any containers. A quick rinse may be helpful to wash away excess residue.

7. May I place my green waste into plastic bags?
No. Plastic bags become a contaminant in the green waste.

8. Is the green waste going to smell after two weeks?
Grass clippings can become “anaerobic” after several days and can generate some odors. However, the odors are mostly contained in the cart if the lid is kept closed.

9. How can I recycle if I live in an apartment?
Residents in a number of the city's multi-family dwellings can recycle their junk mail, newspapers, cardboard, beverage containers and other recyclable materials all in one dumpster. Recyclables can be "commingled" into designated white dumpsters. Residents can also get a free tote carrier (while supplies last) to conveniently store and carry their recyclables to the recycling dumpster. For additional information or to find out if your apartment complex is participating, please call 355-8367.

10. I own or manage a business in Folsom and I want to recycle. What can I do?
Call the Recycling Hotline at (916) 355-8367 to enroll in our Commercial Recycling Program or schedule a free waste audit.

11. Does the City provide temporary dumpster rentals for construction and demolition materials?
Yes, both the City and private haulers provide temporary dumpster rentals. Please call (916) 355-8367 for more information.

12. How do I recycle or dispose of Household Hazarddous Waste and Electronic Waste (E-Waste)?
To schedule a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) or E-waste pickup or learn about the City’s program, please visit http://www.folsom.ca.us/depts/public_works/hazmat/default.asp or call (916) 355-8367 ext. #3.

13. Are there any “drop-off” recycling locations in Folsom?
Yes, community bins are available for dropping off various recyclable items. Click here for a list of locations and acceptable items.

14. Why are recyclables and green waste collected every other week?
After carefully reviewing many program options, the City elected to implement a bi-weekly (every other week) collection program in order to maximize efficiency and keep rates low. Many neighboring jurisdictions have successfully implemented similar bi-weekly collection programs throughout the region.

15. How can I keep track of my recycling and green waste collection schedules?
A collection calendar is mailed to your house annually in July showing the collection schedule for green waste and recyclables. Recycling and green waste is picked up on your regular garbage day, alternating every other week. If you have not received a schedule, you can go to green waste and recycling schedule on our website. You may also receive a printed copy by contacting the Solid Waste and Recycling Division at (916) 355-8367. Please leave your name, phone number and address, and one will be sent to you.
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