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Utility Commission


Committee Member:

Term Ending:

Appointed by:

Rich Foreman



Dan Otis



Robert Mutchler



Russ Davis, Chair



Dan Kozlowski



 Roger Gaylord



Bill Miklos, Vice Chair



The Utility Commission serves as an advisory group to the City Manager and City Council on cost-related matters associated with the City’s water and sewer functions. Matters typically considered by the Commission include utility rate adjustments, capital improvement program projects, and budgetary priorities.

The Utility Commission consists of seven volunteer members appointed by the City Council. Five of the Commissioners are appointed individually by each of the Council Members, with their terms running concurrent with that of the appointing Council Member. The remaining two Commissioners are appointed “at-large” by vote of the majority of the City Council for two-year terms. The Commission elects a Chair and Vice-Chair for two year terms by majority vote of the full Commission at the February meeting following a general election. The Utilities Director serves as staff to the Commission.

3rd Tuesday of the month 6:30 p.m., Folsom City Council Chambers 1st Floor, City Hall, 50 Natoma Street

Marcus Yasutake, Director (916) 351-3500

Utility Commission Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Date




1-18-11 Regular Agenda Minutes
2-15-11 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
3-15-11 Regular Agenda Minutes
4-19-11 Regular Agenda Minutes
5-17-11 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
6-21-11 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
7-19-11 Regular Agenda Minutes
8-16-11  Regular Agenda Minutes
9-20-11 Regular Agenda Minutes
10-18-11     Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
11-15-11 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
12-20-11 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
1-17-12 Regular Agenda Minutes
2-21-12 Regular Agenda Minutes
3-20-12 Regular Agenda Minutes
4-17-12 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
5-15-12 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
6-19-12  Regular - cancelled  Agenda  N/A 
7-17-12  Regular - cancelled  Agenda  N/A 
8-21-12 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
9-18-12 Regular Agenda Minutes
10-16-12 Regular     Agenda N/A
11-20-12 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
12-4-12 Special Agenda Minutes
1-15-13     Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A    
2-19-13 Regular Agenda Minutes
3-19-13 Regular     Agenda Minutes
4-16-13 Regular     Agenda N/A
5-21-13 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
6-18-13 Regular     Agenda Minutes
7-16-13 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
8-20-13 Regular     Agenda Minutes
9-17-13 Regular     Agenda Minutes
10-15-13 Regular Agenda Minutes
11-19-13 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
12-3-13     Special Agenda Minutes
12-17-13 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
1-21-14     Regular Agenda Minutes
2-18-14     Regular Agenda Minutes
3-18-14 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
4-15-14 Regular     Agenda Minutes
5-20-14     Regular Agenda Minutes
6-17-14 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
7-15-14 Regular Agenda Minutes
8-19-14 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
9-16-14 Regular Agenda Minutes
10-21-14 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
11-18-14 Regular     Agenda Minutes
12-16-14 Regular - cancelled N/A N/A
1-20-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
2-17-15         Regular Agenda    Minutes
3-17-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
4-21-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
5-19-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
6-16-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
7-21-15 Regular - cancelled Agenda N/A
8-18-15 Council Recess - No Meeting Agenda N/A
9-15-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
10-20-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
11-17-15 Regular Agenda Minutes
12-15-15 Council Recess - No Meeting Agenda N/A
1-19-16 Regular    Agenda Minutes
2-16-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
3-15-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
4-19-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
5-17-16 Regular Agenda Minutes
6-21-15 Regular Agenda Minutes

* Includes documents included in the meeting packets
For prior year agendas and minutes, please contact the commission liaison.

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