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Bike Trails in Folsom

The City of Folsom has an extensive system of Class I Bike / Pedestrian trails.  There are approximately 34-miles (and counting) already developed and available to enjoy.  The trails are primarily along Humbug Creek and Willow Creek.  Collectively this part of the trail system is referred to as the Humbug-Willow Creek Trail (HBWC).  There are several other significant trails within the system including the Folsom Rail Trail (along Folsom Boulevard), the Folsom Lake Trail (to connect to El Dorado Hills and Lake Natoma), and the Oak Parkway Trail (between Blus Ravine Road and East Natoma Street).

For Public Information
The Folsom City Council approved two changes to the Folsom Municipal Code (FMC) Ordinace related to vehicles permitted on the Class I bike trails within the City of Folsom responsibility (does not include the Lake Natoma Trail or Folsom Lake Trail which are within California State Parks area of responsibility).   FMC Section 10.26 regulating the use of Electric Personal Assistive Mobile Devices (EPMADs) was deleated as EPMADs are effectively regulated by the California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 313(a).  FMC Section 10.40 pertaining to use of Electric Assist Mobility Devices on Class I Bike Trails (e-assist bicycles, scooters, and EPMADs (Segway™).

The new Ordinance may be found here:

FMC Section 10.40 pertaining to use of Electric Assist Mobility Devices

Trail users are encouraged to report issues regarding the use of Class I bike trails through the City website.

Report trail issues here

Please contact Senior Park Planner, Jim Simpson at (916) 355-7249 or Senior Trails Planner, Jim Konopka at 351-3516 for additional information.

Lockers at the Folsom RT Stations

The City has installed on-demand bike lockers at the Glenn Drive and Historic folsom (Sutter Street) Stations.  These lockers can be accessed by using the BikeLink System.  Register for the on-demand system at at http://www.bikelink.org/ . 

Photo by Jim Konopka

Photo by Jim Konopka

Photo by Derik Perez

Weatherproof, secure bike lockers are also available for rent at the Regional Transit light rail stations in Folsom. For more information on bike lockers rental leasing please call (916) 355-7285 (Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm).

Updated 09/02/15

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