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Less Hazardous Products

Many less flammable, toxic or corrosive products exist that can replace more toxic cleaners, lawn care products, etc.

For information about less-toxic pesticides, go to our Less Toxic Pesticides Page.

Using safer products or buying only the amount of chemical required to finish a job is even better than having us pick up your HHW.

There are many effective alternatives to common household hazardous products today. While it is easy to find lists of alternative products, some of the alternatives do not work in exactly the same way as the HHW product. However, the long-term benefit of making the alternatives work for you is a healthier household, community and planet. Obviously, how an alternative product is used can mean the difference between success and failure.

Have some fun learning about alternative products and gain experience using them. Maybe there is something you can teach us about using alternative products or about new alternative products. 

There are excellent sources of information about reportedly safer products online Green Product Search. There are many new green cleaning products or landscape care products on the market today.

Unfortunately, the State of California primarily provides waste reduction information about non-hazardous waste.  They are weary of providing information about less toxic products:

We will continue to update this page as we learn new information about HHW product alternatives. Please send us your favorite less hazardous alternative products and we will share your information on this page.

Here are some alternative products examples:

Cleaning Products

Nonchlorinated powdered scrubs can replace chlorinated bathroom cleansers.
Citrus and detergent-based cleaners can replace chlorinated and hydrocarbon solvents.
Vinegar can replace ammonia-based glass cleaners. Vinegar can remove water spots better than ammonia cleaners.


Poison-free wasp, ant and roach killers can replace poison-based household insecticides.
Insecticidal soaps, beneficial insects and pheromone lures can replace pesticides.
Airtight containers can replace mothballs.

Insecticidal bait stations made from Borax (Sodium Tetraborate) replace toxic ant sprays and baits.


Boiling water, vinegar and detergent as well as pulling weeds can replace herbicides.  Also, there are some new green products on the market that use fatty acid salts.

Wood Care

Plastic composite lumber can replace deck boards requiring deck stain and wood preservatives.
Borax & Boric Acid are vapor-free dry rot treatments.


Use up your paint...it will make your paint job last longer.
Buy only the paint you need.

Drain Care

Use Zip It (google search with word drain in the search), snakes or coat hangers to remove hair from bathroom drains.
Use plungers for drains or toilets. There are new plunger designs that work better on a variety of drain types.

Use screens over drains to keep them from clogging in the first place.

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