Water Meters

50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630
916-461-6183  watermeters@folsom.ca.us
Hours: Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


Main Contact
Robert Lane Water Meter Division Supervisor rlane@folsom.ca.us 916-461-6184


The Water Meter Division ensures that all water customers have a water meter to meet State of California water metering requirements. The Water Meter Division also inspects, tests, and replaces water meters within the City’s water distribution system. In addition to maintaining the water meters within the City, the Water Meter Division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the City’s automated water meter reading system that provides accurate and reliable water meter data to the utility billing division.

The Water Meter Division installs, maintains, and repairs, approximately 20,100 residential and commercial meters ranging in size from 5/8 “ to 10”. The Division also maintains the Fixed Network meter reading system which consists of 19 collectors and various repeaters that collect reads from radios attached to each meter. Those reads are then downloaded into the water meter database which is used by several departments within the city.

Information for Current Customers:

Your water meter is typically located near one of your side property lines near the sidewalk in a concrete box.

To view your consumption history, sign up at DropCountr, a Folsom water customer portal.

As a resident or business owner in Folsom you can assist us in maintaining the water meter by keeping the meter box accessible to our crews by trimming shrubs and trees located near the meter box.  If you plan to add new shrubs or trees to your landscape please avoid planting near your meter box.  As trees and shrubs mature the branches can affect the radio signal from the fixed network endpoint and also roots can cause problems with the underground water pipes. If you plan to add a retaining wall near the water meter, please contact the Water Meter Division at 916-461-6183 or watermeters@folsom.ca.us.

Information For Developers:

For construction water meters, please call 916-461-6177 or send information to watermeters@folsom.ca.us.

The City of Folsom's Standard Construction Specifications including Water Meter Specifications and Drawings, are available to download from Community Development department pages.

For meter installations, please email a copy of the City of Folsom building permit, issued by Community Development, to watermeters@folsom.ca.us.