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50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630
916-461-6174  waterconservation@folsom.ca.us
Hours: Monday-Friday: 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


Main Contacts
Don Smith Water Management Coordinator dsmith@folsom.ca.us 916-461-6171
Christina Perez Water Management Specialist cperez@folsom.ca.us 916-461-6172

Water Management Specialist


The Water Conservation Division implements the City’s water management program and offers a variety of water efficiency services and information to the City’s water customers, including water wise house calls, commercial water audits, large landscape water audits, rebate programs, community presentations, and water waste enforcement. The Water Conservation Division also supports the City’s public outreach and education related to drought conditions and long-term water conservation strategies.

About Us

Don Smith, Water Management Coordinator

Don Smith is Folsom's Water Management Coordinator and has worked for the City since 2003.  Don is a California Licensed Landscape Contractor and has extensive work experience in plumbing, landscape and irrigation.  Prior to joining the City, he owned and operated a landscape contracting business for 20 years.  Don is a member of the following organizations: 

  • American Water Works Association (AWWA) - Water Conservation Practitioner
  • Irrigation Association - Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA)    
  • Regional Water Authority (RWA) - Water Efficiency Program Committee   
  • Co-Chair of the Regional Water Authority (RWA) Landscape Sub-committee 

Water Management Program

Folsom has a comprehensive Water Management Program. An important component of our program is a proactive effort to educate residents about the need for water conservation and to share water conservation tips and strategies. 

Folsom’s Water Management Program offers a variety of water efficiency services and information to City residents and businesses.  Water conservation services include:

  • Public Outreach 
    Our focus is on water conservation education to encourage Folsom residents and businesses to reduce water use and we provide information as to how everyone can do their part.
  • Water Wise House Calls
    A free evaluation of indoor and outdoor water use for residential water customers, including an irrigation checkup.  Read more about the Water Wise House Calls.
  • Commercial Water Audits
    How water efficient is your business?  We can help you identify wasteful practices and fixtures that will save water and money.
  • Large Landscape Irrigation Audits
    A more detailed evaluation of irrigation systems for our customers with larger landscapes.
  • Rebates   Read more to see if you qualify for a rebate.
  • Community Presentations
    We are available to speak to any community group on a wide range of water conservation subjects including water wise landscaping and irrigation, new technology or other current water issues.
  • Water Waste Enforcement
    Help us protect the safety and reliability of our water supply.  If you see a water waste problem anywhere in Folsom on residential or commercial, public or private properties please let us know at 916-461-6174 or send an e-mail to waterconservation@folsom.ca.us

To contact the Water Management Program for information or to make an appointment call 916-461-6174 or send an e-mail to waterconservation@folsom.ca.us

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