Business Certificates

The City of Folsom has partnered with MuniServices, LLC for the management of the city's business certificate program.

Toll Free Phone Number: 866-240-3665 |


Business Certificate Application Form

To review instructions, please visit the MuniServices website. All applications must be submitted (along with all applicable fees) directly to MuniServices.

Business Certificate Requirements

The City of Folsom Municipal Code requires that all businesses operating within the city limits obtain a business certificate. Issuance of a city certificate does not constitute permission to operate the stated business. Applicants are also responsible for maintaining compliance with all other applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, zoning, health, building and fire.

Business Certificate Renewals

Folsom business certificates expire on June 30 every year. Renewal notices are mailed, with payment due by July 31. Penalty fees are charged to any business that fails to renew by the due date. It is the responsibility of the business owner to renew their certificate. If a renewal notice has not been received by July, please call 866-240-3665, or email.

Notification of Changes to Businesses

The business owner is responsible for notifying the City of Folsom of any changes to the business. There is no charge for most updates, unless a reprint is required (see below). Notification for most changes (including business closure) can be by phone or email.

Notable exceptions:

  • Change in Ownership - Business certificates are non-transferable, so a change in ownership requires that the old certificate be closed and a new application be submitted.
  • Change of business name/DBAs – The business certificate is specific to the business name, and therefore a separate application must be submitted for each DBA or name change.
  • Home Occupation address change - All Home Occupation address changes need to be reviewed by the City of Folsom, Planning Division. Please refer to MuniServices, or call 866-240-3665 for further information.
Help for Starting a Business in Folsom

Assistance for new businesses is available from the City of Folsom Economic Development page.