Department History

Working Together to Provide Superior Services in a Safe, Thorough and Efficient Manner

The Department has a strong and proud heritage reaching back to the Gold Rush era of March 3, 1857, when a group of citizens formed the Folsom Hook and Ladder Company to protect the wooden buildings comprising Old Town Folsom. That spirit of volunteerism has been passed on generation to generation within our membership and is seen today as our members help in our community in many diverse ways.



Today’s Fire Department has its roots in California’s Gold Rush era when the Folsom Volunteer Fire Department was established. Early volunteers rushed to the fire scene when an alarm sounded. They fought fires by passing buckets of water from volunteer to volunteer (the bucket brigade) to get water from the source to the fire. In the early 1900s, the Fire Department purchased a Ford Model T, replacing the horse drawn water pumps used in the late 1800s. While the Model T is long gone, the City of Folsom still maintains two older fire trucks for parades and special functions.