Folsom Fire Department

Mission Statement:

The Folsom Fire Department is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the quality of life for all residents, business owners, visitors, and employees within the city, by providing prompt response to aid the sick or injured, controlling the spread of fire, performing special rescue operations, and providing fire prevention through the use of code enforcement, fire investigation, and education.

Department Motto:

Working Together to Provide Superior Services in a Safe, Thorough, and Efficient Manner

  • We commit to furnish rapid access and response to calls for help through the universal 911 emergency telephone number and employ trained professional staff to mitigate all such emergencies.
  • We shall readily provide support to our neighboring communities upon requests for emergency assistance through mutual aid agreements and gratefully accept their support in our similar times of crisis.
  • We strive to progressively improve our system through training and operational programs in order to protect the safety and welfare of our employees and the citizens they serve.
  • We are determined to serve in an efficient manner, with pride and concern for the present, and excitement for the challenges of the future.

Core Values:

Integrity, Trust, Respect, Professionalism, Teamwork, Altruism, Competence, Honor, Accountability, and Leadership


Mission, Members, and Community

Standing Orders:

  • Make service our highest focus.
  • Come to the aid of those in need quickly and perform skillfully.
  • Be professional and always act with integrity.
  • Treat all with dignity.
  • Be safe in our attitude and actions.
  • Take care of each other