Water with the weather during winter season

Mandatory 20% water reductions continue

  • Odd numbered addresses may water on Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Even numbered addresses may water on Wednesday and Sunday.

Water only between the hours of 10 pm and 10 am to avoid water loss through wind drift and evaporation.

Ø  Avoid excessive watering that runs off onto sidewalks, streets and gutters. 

Ø  Washing of streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks or buildings is prohibited except as necessary for health, sanitation or fire protection.  

Ø  City officials are slashing water usage for Landscape and Lighting districts, local parks and City property, and will continue to monitor and correct any overflow problems on public property.  

Note:  City water officials are carefully monitoring drought conditions and water supply levels and may adjust the local conservation stage if needed. 

Need help?

The City’s water conservation specialists can teach you to program sprinklers for lawns and drip irrigation. Call (916) 355-7252 or email WaterConservation@folsom.ca.us for a free appointment.

To report a water service problem or water break emergency after business hours or on weekends and holidays, call (916) 985-4848.