Folsom’s Rules of the Trail

Folsom is home to a robust trails system, with more than 38 miles of trails for walkers, runners and cyclists.  Many consider the trail system to be one of Folsom's most cherished assets, as it provides recreational and fitness opportunities for thousands of people each year.

The City of Folsom encourages all trail users to be good stewards of the trails, and to show courtesy to other trail users at all times.  With warmer weather around the corner, here’s a refresher on basic trails etiquette:

·         Show courtesy to other trail users at all times.
·         Respect the environment and the rights of property owners.  Keep dogs on a leash and remove pet feces.


·         Keep to the right side of the trail
·         Yield to pedestrians
·         Pass on the left side of oncoming pedestrians/joggers
·         Ride at a safe speed; single-file in congested conditions or in areas with reduced visibility


·         Keep to the left side of the trail (facing oncoming cyclists)
·         Watch for other trail users
·         Maintain single-file in congested conditions and in areas with reduced visibility

For more information, contact City of Folsom’s Bicycle and Trails Coordinator Jim Konopka at or call 355-7285.