PG&E Using New Technology to Spot Gas Leaks in Folsom

This April, don’t be surprised if you see a PG&E Ford Escape driving about 15 miles an hour in the evening. PG&E will be surveying neighborhoods throughout Folsom this month, using cutting-edge technology to identify and repair gas leaks. 

Picarro Surveyor™ is about 1,000 times more sensitive than traditional leak equipment and can be mounted on vehicles to detect potential gas leaks faster and more accurately. Once detected, information on even the smallest gas leaks can be gathered and sent instantly and electronically.

PG&E intends to address the repairs of an entire neighborhood at once, by executing what is typically a year-long process in a matter of a few weeks. Because of the enhanced capabilities of the survey technology, PG&E expects to identify a greater number of leaks than they would normally find. 

The majority of the car-based surveys will take place from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. and again from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Work is conducted during these hours to avoid traffic congestion, since the cars operate at a slower rate of speed and often hug the curb in order to maximize the number and accuracy of the readings.

In rare cases, access to gas meter locations on private property may be needed, but surveyors will not be entering homes or disturbing residents.

For more information on the use of this new technology, please visit the Picarro Surveyor™ page of PG&E Currents: