Citywide Concrete and Pavement Repair Project

A citywide concrete and pavement repair project is set to begin Monday that will improve the drivability and extend the lifespan of major roadways and residential streets in Folsom.

The project will repair and resurface a dozen local roads and will include a combination of asphalt overlays and micro-surfacing depending on the severity of pavement distress.  The project will also replace curbs, gutters and sidewalks in disrepair, and upgrade more than 40 curb ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Traffic stripes and markings on various roadways will receive a fresh coat of paint. 

Streets that will be resurfaced and repaired include:

·         School Street between Wales Drive and Montrose Drive

·         Fargo Way between Wales Drive and Alezane Drive

·         Alezane Drive between Fargo Way and Montrose Drive

·         Perraud Court between Alezane Drive and End of Pavement

·         Roberts Road between Inwood Road and End of Pavement

·         Shelley Court between Willow Creek Drive and End of Pavement

·         Llewellyn Court between Flower Drive and End of Pavement

·         Reading Street between Bidwell Street and End of Pavement

·         Willow Creek Drive between Flower Drive and Sharon Court

·         Glenn Drive between Riley Street and School Street

·         Orchard Drive between Riley Street and E. Bidwell Street

·         Oak Avenue Parkway between Haverhill Drive and Halidon Way

The work will require road and lane closures this summer, and will be completed by August. Residents and businesses will be notified at least three days in advance of roadway work impacting their street.  No street parking will be allowed on the day scheduled for asphalt overlays or micro-surfacing.  All streets will be open at the end of the work day.

Message signs will be installed to alert motorists of upcoming lane closures a minimum of three days in advance.  Police and fire vehicles will have access to all streets in the event of an emergency.

The $1.4 million project is part of the City’s ongoing pavement management program and is primarily funded by Measure A funds. For more information, call the Public Works Department’s project manager Ryan Chance, at 916-355-8346.

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