Natoma Station Public Artwork Restoration Project Underway

The Natoma Station community is home to 21 pieces of public art, ranging from monuments to sculptures to ceramic tile murals produced by 15 different prominent artists.

Established in 1990, the Natoma Station community was unique in that the development included a diverse array of art pieces. Over more than two decades of wear and tear, the art collection was in need of maintenance work.

During the last two years the City of Folsom worked with a local conservator who is also an artist to restore the art pieces to return the art to its near-original state and perform conservation treatments.  The restoration project will be complete this fall. 

Take a virtual tour of the Natoma Station artwork, or visit the neighborhood off Turnpike Drive. For more information, contact Municipal Landscape Services Manager Lorraine Poggione at 355-7207 or