Broadstone Landscaping and Lighting District Update

At the July 28 City Council meeting , the City Clerk announced passage by voters of the initiative to create a new overlay district (Broadstone No. 4) in the Broadstone area that would fund local neighborhood landscaping, walkways, parks, and public infrastructure projects in the Broadstone community.

Landscape maintenance costs continue to increase but the District’s assessment had remained the same for more than 20 years. Those funds were insufficient to continue to provide for the repair and replacements of many amenities enjoyed by the Broadstone community. 

More than 2,000 residents in Folsom’s Broadstone Landscaping and Lighting District had an opportunity to vote on a new assessment.  Ballots were sent out at the end of May and the results of the balloting process concluded on July 28.  The results were a 68.17% passage vote in favor of the new district and a 31.83% against. In order to pass, a minimum of 50%+1 of the returned ballots needed to be in favor.

As a result of the favorable outcome of the vote, the City Council approved Resolution No. 9602 –“A Resolution Approving the Final Engineer’s  Report, Confirming the Diagrams and Assessments, and Ordering the Levy of Assessments for Maintenance and Servicing of Improvements within Broadstone No. 4 Landscaping and Lighting District in the City of Folsom for Fiscal Year 2015/16.”

The local funding measure will:

•             Repair and maintain more than six miles of perimeter walls and entryways (signage)

•             Repair and replace old, dead, missing landscape and irrigation systems

•             Maintain two miles of trails, walkways, and open spaces

•             Maintain streetlights to ensure safety and security

•             Maintain and provide adequate buffers between residential areas and open space areas.

The Broadstone Lighting and Landscape District is responsible for maintaining more than 12 acres of turf, 34 acres of shrub areas, 10 acres of open space, irrigation systems, two mini parks, seven miles of walls, more than 700 streetlights, entry and monument signs, and the water and electricity to serve the facilities.  

City staff will use this website as a means to communicate the plan and schedule of projects and improvements from time to time.  Funds from this new assessment will be available to the City in the early months of 2016. 

For more information contact Lorraine Poggione at (916) 355-7207 or