Wet Weather Driving Tips

Driving in wet weather can be hazardous. Here are some useful hints and tips from the Folsom Police Department to stay safe this rainy season.

 Preparing Your Car
• Are your windshield wipers in good condition?
• Do your tires have plenty of tread and are they properly inflated?
• Is the defroster working properly?
• Are the vehicle’s head and brake lights working?
• Are the brakes in good condition?

Driving in Rain
• Slow down and keep extra space between you and the car in front of you
• Allow extra travel time to your destination
• Defog your windows
• Never drive your car through deep water on a flooded road
• Keep your headlights on and use low beams in fog
• Be aware of the spray coming from passing trucks ands oncoming cars
• Brake gently to avoid skidding or hydroplaning
• Do not use cruise control
• Wear your seatbelt
• Turn down the radio and avoid using your cell phone
• If conditions become too intense, pull far off the road in a safe place to wait out the storm