Barn-Raising at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

Construction started in March on the 3,400-square-foot barn which will serve as the centerpiece for the zoo’s Barnyard Experience. Though the structure will be a new addition to the zoo grounds, it will also serve as a link to Folsom’s history. Materials salvaged from a barn that once served the working Russell Ranch – which eventually became Folsom’s Empire Ranch neighborhood – will be incorporated into the barn’s interior.

The zoo’s Barnyard Experience construction is funded through a combination of a Housing Related Parks (HRP) Program grant, a significant donation from the Friends of the Folsom Zoo, and the Zoo Trust.

The Barnyard Experience will expand the zoo’s ability to promote its mission of responsible behavior toward all animals. Zoo visitors will be able to closely interact with a variety of animals, and participate in recreational and educational activities that align with the zoo’s values. The barn is expected to be completed in the fall of this year.