Folsom City Council Adopts Balanced Budget

The Folsom City Council unanimously approved a $194 million balanced budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year that will take effect July 1.

The spending plan approved at Tuesday’s City Council meeting preserves the unique Folsom experience, maintains the quality of core services, invests in the future, sustains a clear and strong financial plan and bolsters reserves.

The budget reflects increases in the City’s major revenue sources, a gradual increase in residential and commercial development and a steady improvement in the economy. The FY 2016-17 budget marks the fifth consecutive year of adding to a rainy day fund, a key to the City’s long-term financial sustainability. 

 “The City of Folsom’s budget delivers results while protecting our City’s fiscal future,” said Mayor Steve Miklos.  “Our fiscal prudence and conservative planning allows the City to reflect the priorities of the community and invest in fundamental City services, infrastructure, public safety, parks, trails and recreational programming.”

The FY 2016-17 budget includes a capital improvement program for the upcoming fiscal year, which will fund public infrastructure in the City, including the widening of Green Valley Road between East Natoma Street and the El Dorado County line, Rainbow and Orangevale bridge rehabilitation projects, street resurfacing projects, and LED streetlight and traffic signal retrofits.

Nearly half of the City’s budget invests in public safety, including police and fire services. The FY 2016-17 budget includes the hiring of two police officers and a new records clerk, allowing the Folsom Police Department to restore service at the public counter five days a week.  Up to 13 police vehicles and one fire engine will be replaced, and an emergency utility vehicle and fire prevention truck will be added to the City’s fleet.

The budget also allocates $700,000 for various deferred maintenance projects, including the resurfacing of tennis courts, repairs to the Rotary Clubhouse, fire and police station maintenance and library repairs.

An additional $741,000 in new funds was added to the Parks and Recreation Department’s $12.5 million budget to support a full range of recreational activities and park facilities. Projects include the construction of Econome Park, Johnny Cash Trail Phase II, and a disc golf course at Nisenan Park.  In addition, the Folsom Public Library will receive an additional $30,000 in funding for books, technology and other materials. 

The City of Folsom FY 2016-17 budget is available online at