Folsom Releases Water Quality Report

The City of Folsom is known for its high water quality, which has helped attract major corporations to Folsom, including Gekkeikan-Sake and Kikkoman.

As in years past, Folsom’s tap water has met all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency State of California and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency drinking water health standards. The City takes every effort to safeguard its water supply and once again reports that Folsom’s system meets and exceeds every water quality standard.  

The City of Folsom provides its customers with an annual water quality report—the Consumer Confidence Report— to demonstrate how Folsom’s water meets and exceeds the state and federal drinking water standards. The City encourages community members to review this report as it provides details about the source and quality of the drinking water delivered to the community. The report is available on the City of Folsom’s website at