Restaurant Owners and Employees: Beware of Phone Calls About Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant owners and employees should beware of phone calls asking to test a fire suppression system. Local restaurants are receiving phone calls from someone identifying themselves as a Fire Department employee or alarm company employee, and asking them to test the fire suppression system by pulling the handle to manually activate it.


The activation will discharge a chemical agent that is intended to suppress fires and save lives and property. In addition to needing a technician from the alarm company to recharge the suppression system, it requires restaurants to close for clean-up and have a County Health Inspector come out for inspection before reopening.

A business will never receive a legitimate request to test a system over the phone. Testing is done in person. If you do not have an actual emergency at your restaurant, take the time to call your the fire department and/or your alarm company to validate the requested action. Any person(s) found guilty of making these prank phone calls will be subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability.

If you have any questions about a request of this type, call the Folsom Fire Department at 916-984-2280 and/or your alarm company first.