Fall Water Conservation Tips

As the season changes, so do the needs of your landscape irrigation. Shorter days, cooler temperatures and moisture from fog and rain mean your landscape needs much less water in fall and winter.

Small adjustments in landscape watering will make a big difference. The City of Folsom recommends homeowners adjust irrigation to two days per week between the hours of 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.

Remember to turn off your sprinklers when it's raining, and let Mother Nature do the watering.

If the weather stays dry for several weeks, check soil moisture and then water by hand, if needed.

Make sure your irrigation system is working properly. To better understand the specific needs of your home, schedule a free water-wise house call with the City’s Water Conservation Division at 916-355-7252.

Folsom water customers can track current water use and 2013 water consumption by reviewing Folsom utility bills or by downloading the City of Folsom’s water conservation app Dropcountr.

Water conservation tips are available on the City of Folsom’s website, and a number of rebate programs remain available for Folsom water customers. If you have questions, need assistance, or to report water waste, contact the City of Folsom’s Water Conservation Team by calling 916-355-7252 or send an email to waterconservation@folsom.ca.us.