Folsom Police Department Announces Dog Walker Watch Program

Join the Folsom Police Department’s Dog Walker Watch Program and help prevent crime in your neighborhood. Each day, hundreds of residents use Folsom's streets, sidewalks, and trails as they walk their pets, ride their bikes or take their children to school. By walking the same routes frequently, they learn what is normal activity in a neighborhood and what is not. Similar to the Neighborhood Watch program, through Dog Walker Watch, dog walkers, joggers, and people who enjoy walking around the community and trails will be trained in how to safely and effectively observe and report suspicious activity to the Folsom Police Department.  A Dog Walker Watch training will be held on Saturday, November 5 at 10 a.m. at FIDO Field at Cummings Family Park, 1775 Creekside Drive. For more information, visit the Dog Walker watch website or contact Police Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Hess at or 916-351-3409.