Help Provide a New Home for the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary’s Barnyard Animals

The Zoo Sanctuary's new Barnyard Experience project is an exciting opportunity to provide a safe and comfortable forever home for rescued farm animals Gus the draft horse, Dasher the miniature horse, miniature donkeys Hallie and Rosie, and Ernie the Zebu. Additional rescues will join the group in the future. Trusty livestock guardian dogs will keep a watchful eye on their barnyard charges.

The Barnyard Experience project will also help further the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary's mission of teaching responsible behavior toward all animals, through interactive and fun learning opportunities for visitors of all ages.

The Friends of the Folsom Zoo have launched a GoFundMe campaign to purchase perimeter and pasture fencing that are needed for the new 3,400 square foot barn. With the help of compassionate animal lovers from Folsom and around the globe, Gus, Ernie and the rest of the gang will be moving into their new digs soon! Help support the Barnyard Experience project here.