PG&E Update on Repairs and Leak Detection

PG&E Update on Repairs and Leak Detection

Updated January 26, 2017

On Wednesday morning, PG&E detected an overpressure event at a gas regulator station in Folsom and took the station out of service for repairs. No injuries or service disruptions were reported. PG&E’s immediate response included reducing pressure on the gas line to below the maximum allowable operating pressure and sending out crews to inspect nearby gas lines.

Leak survey crews were immediately deployed throughout the community to conduct leak surveys. Surveys will continue in the area until all relevant distribution lines have been checked. Ten Picarro leak detection vehicles surveyed homes overnight and will continue patrols in the area until all lines have been inspected. Out of an abundance of caution, today (1/26/17), 75 on-foot leak surveyors will be inspecting the area.

PG&E is conducting a thorough investigation and notified the state regulator, CPUC. Crews will continue surveying the area for any potential safety issues and address them immediately. Customers located in the immediate area of the regulator station have been notified with a call that they may see an increased presence of PG&E crews working in the area.

PG&E’s number one priority is the safety of customers in Folsom and our employees working in the area. If crews identify any issues, they will be addressed immediately. 

If You Smell Gas

If you smell gas, get everyone outside immediately to a location upwind where you no longer can smell natural gas, and call 911 immediately, then call PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.

Do not use electrical switches, appliances or telephones, because sparks can ignite gas. Do not check for a gas leak with a match or an open flame

For more information or to report a gas outage, please call PG&E 1-800-743-5002.