Tree Care Tips

Many residents have planted new trees to replace those lost in the drought. City of Folsom Arborist Ken Menzer offers the following tree care and staking tips to help your new trees thrive.

Though most trees come attached to a stake, it's only intended to stabilize the tree on the trip home from the nursery. Once planted in your yard, most trees do not require any staking. Long-term staking or staking a tree without allowing for movement creates a weak tree. Only stake a tree that's in danger of falling over. Summer breezes are good for young trees, helping them to grow stronger and better able to withstand stormy winter weather.

If you determine that your tree needs to be staked, place two stakes made of untreated wood 18 inches away from the trunk. Put the stakes perpendicular to the direction that the wind typically moves through your yard so that the tree is blown away from the stake.

Attach up to four soft tree ties to the stakes to stabilize the tree trunk but still allow it to move with the breeze. Trim the stakes so that they're no more than 2 inches above the highest tree tie. Stake a tree for the shortest time possible and generally no longer than a year. See the attached diagram for more information. Visit the City of Folsom website for more information about tree care.

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