Folsom Plan Area Update: Construction Improvements Underway

The 18-month schedule of infrastructure, road and safety improvements that started south of Highway 50 in May is proceeding at a smooth and steady pace. Nearly three miles of sewer line is being installed, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District has started construction on a substation to provide the area with power, the first section of Alder Creek Parkway – a significant east/west thoroughfare – has opened, and the roads and pads for the first new neighborhoods are becoming visible in the area near White Rock Road and the soon-to-be-renamed Scott Road.

Construction on the first new homes at the Folsom Ranch site (the area west of Placerville Road) is scheduled to start in early 2018 with model homes completed by summer. At Russell Ranch (the area east of Placerville Road to the county line), a clubhouse and the first new homes should be completed by mid-2019.

Highlights of the Folsom Plan Area include 138 acres of parks; 30 miles of trails that will connect to the city’s extensive trail system; more than 1,000 acres of open space; more than 500 acres of contiguous oak woodlands; new schools; a transit corridor and roadway improvements to enhance traffic flow; and up to 8,000 new jobs with a planned jobs/housing balance that will allow many residents to reduce or eliminate their commutes.