Keep Pipes Free of Fats, Oils and Grease this Holiday Season

The City of Folsom's Environmental and Water Resources Department reminds residents to dispose of food properly this holiday season. Fats, oils and grease-also known as FOG-can clog sewer pipes and cause overflows. Food items such as butter, gravy, meat fats, sour cream,

ice cream and salad dressings are considered FOG. Properly disposing of FOG will help avoid costly repairs to plumbing, prevent blockages in the City's sewer system and protect our waterways.

Tips for Properly Disposing of FOG:

Can it! Once cooled, pour leftover oils and grease into a sturdy

container like an empty coffee can or glass jar.

Scrape it! Before washing, scrape out fats, oils, and grease from pots and pans.

Trash it! Put fatty and greasy food scraps in the garbage, not down the drain.   

For more information, call 916-355-8365 or visit