Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time when busy people can be vulnerable to theft and other crime. The Folsom Police Department tips to keep you safe this holiday season.

When you are out and about

  • Don’t leave packages, purses, or bags in your vehicle and don’t return to your vehicle to drop bags off while you continue shopping, even if you are putting them in the trunk.

  • Keep purses and wallets on your person. Don’t leave wallets or purses or backpacks in shopping carts or on a seat while you eat.

  • Remove all valuables and lock your vehicle, even when you are parked at home.

When you expect a package

  • Make sure someone is home to receive the package and reduce the risk of it being stolen off your front step. If you won’t be home, arrange for the package to be delivered to a trusted neighbor.

  • Look out for your neighbors. If you see someone who doesn’t live at the residence walk up to the front door and leave with a package, contact your neighbor to be sure it belongs to them or call the Folsom Police Department non-emergency number at 916-355-7231 with a description of the person, the package and any information about the car they were driving or the direction they may have been heading.

  • Consider using “Site to Store” shipping or a package locker delivery. The packages will be delivered and secured at the store or locker and, once you receive an email confirmation that it has arrived, you can pick it up.