Community Service Day Request for Proposals

We’re pleased to announce the fifth annual Community Service Day will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018. This event is Folsom’s largest day of volunteerism and service. This major citywide event mobilizes thousands of volunteers of all ages and interests to complete dozens of projects throughout Folsom.

Our goal is to connect volunteers with projects that make a positive, lasting impact in the Folsom area. We are seeking community-based projects for this the 2018 Community Service Day event.

Does your organization have a need for volunteer assistance and/or a service day project? Consider submitting a brief proposal to Christine Brainerd, City of Folsom Communications Manager, at by Friday, April 6.

Request for 2018 Community Project Proposals

Project Name:
Organization Name:
Project Location/Address:
Brief Description of Project:
Maximum Total Number of Volunteers Needed:
Minimum Total Number of Volunteers Needed:
Volunteers My Organization Can Contribute:
Estimated Total Project Cost:
Estimated Dollar Amount My Organization Can Contribute to Project:
Financial Support Requested:
Contact Person:
Email Address:
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Thank you for your participation in the 2018 Community Service Day event!