Wildfire Preparedness Starts at Home

May is Wildfire Awareness Month, and the Folsom Fire Department encourages resi­dents to reduce the threat of wildfires in the community. According to the National Fire Protection Association, it is often embers and small flames that cause homes to ignite during wildfires. Residents can make their own property—and their neighborhood— safer with these tips:

  • Clear leaves and other debris from gutters, eaves, porches and decks.
  • Remove dead vegetation and other items from under your deck or porch.
  • Replace or repair shingles on your roof and enclose under-eave and soffit vents or screens with metal mesh to prevent ember entry.
  • Cover exterior attic vents with metal wire mesh no larger than 1/8 inch to prevent sparks from entering the home.
  • Remove flammable materials (dead vegetation, firewood stacks, propane tanks) within 30 feet of your home’s foundation and outbuildings, up to your property line, including garages and sheds.
  • Don’t let debris and lawn cuttings linger.
  • Develop an emergency evacuation plan and practice it with everyone in your home.
  • Prune trees so the lowest branches are 6 to 10 feet from the ground. Tree canopies should not touch the house.

Stay informed and sign up for emergency alerts at www.folsom.ca.us/police.