General Plan Public Hearings

Thoughtful planning has played a vital role in the City of Folsom and has shaped the vibrant, family-oriented community we know today. As mandated by state law, California cities must have a General Plan that outlines land use and development policies, objectives and standards. The City of Folsom is currently updating its General Plan— a blueprint for how Folsom will grow and develop over the next 20 years. The General Plan sets a vision for Folsom and the goals and policies for the future of the city. It preserves Folsom's character and guides policy decision-making about land use, transportation improvements, public services, and other important decisions.

Folsom policymakers and community members have vetted the General Plan key policies over the last six years, and all of the directed and recommended changes have been incorporated for final review and action. The City of Folsom will be holding public hearings for the Final Draft General Plan and Final Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) with the Planning Commission on June 6  and City Council on June 26. Interested community members and agencies are encouraged to attend. The Final Draft General Plan and Final Draft EIR will be published tomorrow, and will also available at