Water Use: The Truth of How We Use Water

There’s a common misconception that most of the water we use at home goes toward household activities like showering, washing dishes and clothes, or flushing the toilet, but in fact, most household water is used outside on our landscapes.

Hot, dry summers and triple-digit temperatures have a huge impact on our water use in Folsom.  An average household uses about 250 gallons of water per day with the majority going toward watering lawns and yards. And, studies show that about 30 percent of water used outdoors is wasted because of overwatering and evaporation.

Wondering just how much water your landscape uses? Dropcountr is a free app available to City of Folsom water customers.  It can show you how much water you use on an hourly basis, how your water usage compares to similar homes and warn you if you have a leak.  Download the app or go to www.dropcountr.com/folsom to sign up.

Learn more facts and tips for using water wisely at BeWaterSmart.info.