Help Lead a 2018 Community Service Day Project

Thousands of volunteers will complete nearly 50 service projects on Saturday, September 15 at the fifth annual Community Service Day, Folsom’s largest day of volunteerism. Volunteers are needed to lead one of the following projects:

Food Drive Leaders
The citywide food drive delivers a significant amount of food to the Twin Lakes Food Bank while encouraging volunteerism and compassion for those in need in and around Folsom. Volunteers are needed to help lead this initiative, including:

  • Area Leaders:  Serve as the primary point-of-contact for food collections in a designated area in Folsom, and coordinate with a team of volunteers.
  • Marketing: Help the Twin Lakes Food Bank promote the food drive to the community and help increase citywide participation through social media and other marketing tactics.

Neighbors Helping Seniors
Community Service Day has many projects in parks, schools, trails and non-profit facilities, but not all of the community’s needs are in these public spaces. The Neighbors Helping Seniors initiative aims to help local seniors in need of a helping hand. Maybe an elderly neighbor needs gutters cleaned or some weeding done or perhaps a neighbor is going through a tough time medically and could use their trees trimmed?  We all need help at some time in our lives and supporting our neighbors is part of what makes the Folsom community special. Organized individuals are needed to help lead a project. Volunteer leaders would need to visit project sites before Community Service Day, ensure their team has enough equipment to complete the projects, liaise with the seniors and lead their team of five individuals on Community Service Day.

Seed Bomb Project Leader
Seed bombing is a fun way to transport wildflower seeds into areas that need some extra life and color.  Seed bombs would contain a variety of non-invasive wildflowers that are native to the Folsom area and would be later planted along a trail or in open space areas. Do you have a green thumb? Interested in leading a family-friendly project? A volunteer leader is needed to organize this hands-on project.

If you are interested in leading a project, contact City of Folsom Communications Manager Christine Brainerd at 916-461-6013 or

Community Service Day volunteer opportunities will be announced on July 30. Learn more at