Folsom City Council Adopts General Plan

The Folsom City Council unanimously voted to approve the Folsom 2035 General Plan and Final Environmental Impact Report at the August 28 City Council Meeting.

The General Plan provides a framework for the long-range physical development of Folsom, and it guides policy decision-making about land use, transportation improvements, public services, economic development, housing, and other important issues. It is a document required by the State of California that serves as a blueprint for how Folsom will grow and develop, and sets a vision for goals and policies for the future of the community. Folsom’s last General Plan was adopted in 1988.

“The General Plan has long played an important role in the City of Folsom and has shaped the vibrant, family-oriented community we know and love today. Many of the qualities we enjoy in town are due to the long-range plans developed decades ago, including our safe neighborhoods, schools, parks, trails, library, zoo, aquatic center, sports complex, senior center, art gallery and revitalized historic district,” said Mayor Steve Miklos. “I’m proud of the community, staff, consultants and City Councilmembers for their diligent, hard work and contributions, and I am delighted that we can provide the City of Folsom with the 2035 General Plan.”

The Folsom 2035 General Plan is designed to protect and enhance Folsom’s assets, guide the city’s growth in the area south of Highway 50, strengthen existing neighborhoods, and provide a cohesive vision for the Folsom of 2035. The plan sets forth guiding principles to foster vibrant, walkable, close-knit communities and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. It plans for the city’s economic future by building on Folsom’s success as an innovative technology hub, with a highly-educated and creative workforce with ample employment opportunities. While the 2035 General Plan looks to the future, it celebrates and honors the past by preserving and enhancing historical resources. 

The Folsom 2035 General Plan does not propose significant changes to the existing land use patterns, but builds on Folsom’s success with quality neighborhoods, amenities and services that define the city’s distinctive brand. The plan includes key planning concepts such as developing urban centers, offering an urban lifestyle in a suburban community, moving toward mixed use on the East Bidwell Corridor, providing opportunities for transit-oriented development, and following retail trends to provide for new shopping and converting old retail centers to productive use. Other key planning concepts embraced in the Folsom 2035 General Plan are complete streets including all modes of transportation and a focus on healthy lifestyles.

The Folsom 2035 General Plan involved six years of planning and public engagement that included more than a dozen community meetings. Various outreach tools were also used to generate public input in the planning process, including social media, surveys, a project website, and an online forum where community members provided input on key issues addressed in the General Plan.

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